Saturday, June 13, 2020


This week we are celebrating the work of Nikki Grimes. Thanks to Irene Latham for hosting this week:

Here is my poem inspired by Nikki Grimes, specifically from her work Bronx Masquerade:

I wake up and look out the window 
The city streets bustling
Change is on the horizon
My heart beats
I want to do more
I want transformation
I want community
I want to learn, to grow, to apologize
I want to own up
I want to keep myself accountable
This city buzzes with change
I want to be in it, not just watching through a window


  1. Change is on the horizon but yes, we still need just to watch it from afar. Yesterday, we walked on a path that led to the top of a hill on Long Island. We saw the New York City skyline and were at peace.

  2. Love that last line. I've been voting for change and hoping for change for a long time. But it's time to do more than that, because that clearly isn't working. It's time to make change. Make it ourselves.

  3. There's so much watching through windows in this season! I, like you, am ready to get out there again - but where I live, it's not time for that yet.